ProfileHub is an online tracking system accessible by your workforce and your staff

Specifically designed for staff banks, agencies
and organisations working in regulated industries

Scale your Online Background Checks & Screening

Collect documents, references and run online pre-employment screening such as right to work and online DBS.

Engaging your Staff Network

A better engaged workforce gives your organisation more available compliant people for your placements. Share events, training, news and best practice guides.

Track Workforce Compliance

Track compliance checks online, configured for your organisation and monitor usage of the service. Fully auditible searches for your organisation.

Customised & integrated to compliment

Connect up with your candidate acquisition journey, job board or candidate area. Branded to fit in with your other technologies and with a full web API to connect to other business systems.

Interviews, References and Training

Arrange interviews, record write-ups and engage external referees and interviewers to build up a profile of your candidates.

Intelligent Emails and Reports

ProfileHub has intelligence to chase staff for documentation. Reports gives you the power to see where people are held up in the process.